EssentialPIM Pro 11.6.6 Crack + License Key Free Download 2023

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EssentialPIM Pro 11.6.6 Crack + License Key Free Download 2023

EssentialPIM Pro 11.6.6 Crack is the award-winning personal information manager that streamlines the management of your schedule, tasks, notes, emails, contacts, and passwords. Your schedule, to-do list, notes, contacts, passwords, and email messages can now be organized visually and quickly retrieved. EssentialPIM further provides you with portability, speed, a straightforward UI, and the capability to synchronize all your information with Android and iOS devices. In addition to a calendar and address book, it also has features for managing tasks, notes, passwords, and email. The ability to sync with Outlook, Windows Mobile, and Palm is also included. Contacts may be linked to, emails notes, and so on. EssentialPIM Business, which is backed by a sizable user base, is usually regarded as the finest desktop/USB flash drive PIM solution.

EssentialPIM Pro Crack is a powerful program that consolidates all of your data into one easy-to-access location. The application offers two basic variants, and a paid “Pro” edition, with the latter boasting a plethora of extra options and capabilities. In addition to the functionality included in the paid “pro” edition, EssenialPIM also includes network support for collaborative teams. In this way, groups may coordinate their schedules, tasks, contacts, notes, passwords, and priorities. Every user, no matter how inexperienced, can get fast, effective assistance from this app because of its clear and straightforward UI.  The Network version allows users to collaborate on shared schedules, contact lists, task lists, notes, passwords, and priority settings. Files you save with this program can be encrypted to keep prying eyes out.

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EssentialPIM Pro Key is simple to create and manage a contact database by simply indicating data. Any combination of personal and corporate data may be included here. In addition to the images and remarks, you may use paper and scissors to create them. The user may also enter information regarding their wireless network, Windows sign-in, email accounts, and more. This crucial data is also stored securely in the EssentialPIM Pro Portable for Windows edition. it is recommended that you use this software program to secure your password. This is great if you want OfficeFIX Professional, as it prevents unauthorized persons from accessing your database. Users may also take advantage of the calendar’s color coding to quickly find certain dates, times, and notes. Similarly, you may get for if you click the link provided.

EssentialPIM Pro’s database may contain both links to and actual copies of any files. You may attach files to any element, whether it’s a Task, Note, To Do, or Contact. Everything you need to know may be printed out clearly and concisely with EssentialPIM Pro. Individual pieces of information can be printed, or you can choose many entries at once to print by pressing CTRL + mouse. You can print out any of the entries. You may alter the page’s orientation by selecting “Page Setup” from the Print Preview page’s menu or by using the Alt key in combination with U. To keep your information in sync with Microsoft Outlook, EssentialPIM Portable may be used.  Everyone, without exception, will be able to navigate the interface with no trouble. The answer for small to medium-sized businesses is EssenialPIM Pro Network.

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EssentialPIM Pro Business application can organize your schedule, to-do list, notes, contacts, and even passwords. This bundle has everything you need from an essential PIM. Compatible with the Windows app version (Free and Pro). Google Contacts, Calendar, Drive (for Notes and Passwords), and Tasks may all be synced with one another. The passwords and other important information you keep in them are safe and easily accessible thanks to the self-locking feature. Popular on the Windows platform, this PIM has now been ported to the mobile platform. The user may use this app to keep track of login information and contact details. The Vital Personal Information Manager is a piece of software that, when activated with a, will safeguard all of your information, including notes, passwords, and other sensitive information.

EssentialPIM Pro users may be able to choose between syncing with iOS devices, Android, and maybe more. In conclusion, there is no lag or any noticeable performance issues with this software. There are no freezes, crashes, or error messages generated by the operating system. It has a very fast response time and barely any effect on system performance. Nonetheless, it has moderate memory and processing needs. This is the multipurpose component of my organizer. Use the links below to get your copy of EssentialPIM Pro, complete with the. For the same reasons stated above It reads and responds to emails quickly. Further data may be exported to a variety of formats, including TXT, RTF, HTML, iCal, and DOCX. It has several tools and features that can improve your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Key Features:

  • presents your daily, weekly, or monthly calendar in a bright, straightforward format.
  • Each task’s importance, status, and classification are recorded in the tasks module.
  • You may import appointments directly from Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook into the scheduler.
  • Using a mouse, you can rearrange your schedule quickly, and everything is fully draggable and droppable.
  • Little tasks may be easily managed with its condensed checklist.
  • Quickly and quickly exports reports to HTML by the day, week, or month
  • The Notes section features a hierarchical tree layout.
  • Stacks of files and notebooks
  • Formatted text, pictures, and tabs are all possible additions.
  • Texts can be formatted in various ways, such as with stacked bullets and numbering, typefaces,
  • Unicode, background pictures, colored text backgrounds, subscripts or superscripts, etc.
  • Makes it easy to find any note
  • Direct MS Outlook to Outliner Import
  • Access to the database by several users
  • Keeping and/or associating files
  • Positions have been assigned To Do
  • Extraordinary Data Protection

Other Features

  • Categories of work or events that can be changed
  • Organizing tasks in tiers
  • This prints and saves function is quite effective.
  • Capable of storing and printing every, a subset of, or a single letter (s)
  • Includes functional connections in any given text
  • In the Contacts section, the majority of the fields are already configured.
  • Adding a new contact area is a breeze.
  • total CSV and Windows Address Book importing and exporting
  • Quickly and effectively sort results and conduct searches
  • symbolizes a variety of vantage points for optimal color-seeing Emailing and printing
  • Customizable event/task categories
  • Personal database sharing between many users
  • Integration between Google and Outlook
  • Data archiving and linkage of appendices
  • Compatibility with Mobile Devices
  • Superb organizing tools, such as contact and task lists
  • Full backups and individualized perspectives
  • Powerful saving and printing options
  • Among these is the innovative backup system, and there are many more.

What’s New?

  • [Added] Distribute EPIM-synchronized newsletters that include rich-text [Added] Tags and attachments. Android
  • The pop-up window for reminders now offers an option to “always appear at the top.”
  • New options to copy, add to an address book, write a new email, or set up a rule for the to and from addresses in an email have been implemented.
  • A new operator for use in swift search
  • Dropping an iCal file containing tasks on the calendar will bring up either the regular or detailed view for the “by due/start date” option.
  • Dates can also be stored in task templates.
  • [Added] assignment of contacts to activities or scheduling of meetings
  • These days, EPIM can display 99 days’ worth of data for various tasks.
  • [Improved] improved browser-to-notes copy-and-paste and iCal-imported task management
  • Increased efficiency in synchronizing with Android EPIM
  • [Improved] adjustments to the placement of recurring events on the calendar’s grid enhanced lookup
  • Improved support for dragging and dropping contacts and passwords into the appropriate groups
  • The issue with iCloud syncing has been resolved.
  • Fix for synchronisation

System Requirements:

  • System requirements: 1 GHz or higher processor;
  • Windows 10 (64-bit only), Windows 8.1 (32-bit & 64-bit),
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (32-bit & 64-bit); 2 GB (32-bit) / 4 GB (64-bit) Memory
  • 1360 x 768 True Color resolution, 4.0 GB of disc space


  • I’ve used a lot of different programs over the years, but this one has everything I need.
  • In terms of both effectiveness and cost, it’s the best option available.
  • Epic Pro is the finest organizer I’ve used, and I’ve tried a lot of them.
  • Using the program has improved my efficiency in managing my time and tasks.
  • The experience of utilizing the instrument is positive overall.
  • EssentialPIM is an excellent choice for this since it allows you to choose exactly what to synchronize and where.


  • Since EPIM 5 or 6, I haven’t considered switching PIM programs.

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How To Install/Crack?

  • Turn off your connected devices (most important)
  • You may either run setup to install the application on your computer, or you can unpack and use the portable version.
  • Just move the cracked file from the Crack folder to the installation directory.
  • Start the app and sign up for it offline.
  • Make your license key with the help of the provided Keygen.
  • Firewalls should always be set up to prevent access to the software.
  • Enjoy!

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